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Project development and commercialisation services for semiconductor technologies


FabMax provides innovation as the consultant or as co-entrepreneur in high tech industries. On the basis of a long career in the semiconductor industry as company senior executive, CEO of operations and as a founder of businesses.

Business Areas

Chip based security

Development of IC hardware based security through unique IC development. Including security and identity management.

Lithography Solutions

Enabling new lithography with Mapper mask-less multi e-beam technology. Sub 100nm lithography for advanced logic, photonic devices and other applicationsĀ up to 28nm technology node.

Project development

Development of technology based projects, including Feasibility Studies, and funding, and Training Programs for Workforce Development.


April 2019 – FabMax Chip Packaging Fab Binh Duong

FabMax has signed Memorandums of Understanding with Becamex IDC, Vietsens Group and EIPO for the realization of the first Semiconductor Chip Packaging Fab in Binh Duong New City.

“This is an important milestone for us and we expect to start with a pilot line already by the end of this year” according to Dr. Pham Ba Tuan (COO).


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