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Innovation is a mentality – the glass half full! Count your blessings and stay humble, and don’t give up!

Especially for more difficult and “impossible” solutions.
Extensive global network in semiconductor and lithography.

Business Areas

Unique Chip Traceability

Lithographic technologies for unique chip identification and security.

FabMax was Founder of SandGrain B.V. (2016-2022)

Safe and secure authentication of IOT end points.

See www.SandGrain.eu

Advanced & applied lithography

New lithography technologies for Heterogeneous Integration – especially in low volume, defence and R&D applications.

Direct write and optical combinations for low volume and high mix.

Application roadmaps for most relevant applications – including photonic, security and advanced packaging.

Traceability of electronics – High Tech Equipment

is a key requirement for the implementation of circularity of electronical modules.  Founder of FabMax implemented the principles of equipment circularity for ASML PAS 5500 installed base. And served as co-initiator and Chair of SEMI SEA (Secondary Equipment and Applications) for an extended period (2012– 2018). The extended use of high tech semiconductor equipment – with 50 years no exception – created the need for a formal industry support through SEMI. This has now morphed into a fully integrated function at major OEMs – and will be more with the realization of the increasing Digital Supply Chain.

Project Development

Development of technology-based projects

Successfully executed the FS and realization of CITC (2018). Chip Integration Technology Center.

R&D for the very specific strengths of the Nijmegen and Netherlands competence in RF and advanced packaging. Lower TRL level R&D investments will strengthen this position. And support SME and start up ecosystem.

“Without FabMax we could not have achieved this…” (Barry Peet – former MD of BCS and CITC)

Home – CITC: packaging and integration technology for chips

Development of new fab infrastructure and workforce development

Successfully implemented – but not realized – FS for Vietnam CNS 200mm (180nm) fab plan. (2016) – partner CNS

RFID packaging and application lab (2019) – partner Becamex

Training program for 40 engineers in Vietnam – generously supported by RVO and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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Projects & Partners

Unique IC’s & Lithography
Fab Projects


April 2019 – FabMax Chip Packaging Fab Binh Duong

FabMax has signed Memorandums of Understanding with Becamex IDC, Vietsens Group and EIPO for the realization of the first Semiconductor Chip Packaging Fab in Binh Duong New City.

“This is an important milestone for us and we expect to start with a pilot line already by the end of this year” according to Dr. Pham Ba Tuan (COO).

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