Fabmax provides innovative development and commercialisation services for semiconductor and related process-based technologies and equipment. With a history and experience of nearly 20 years, of supporting customers with their development of new device technologies and equipment solutions, we are able to provide a wide range of customised and cost-effective solutions

Our competence is based on the experience of many projects for new fab start ups, fab improvement, and device innovation projects. While at the leading edge of of the semiconductor industry, the investment and technology requirements have led to a consolidation of the main companies, the wider market has seen a proliferation of the number and type of device technologies. This is driven on the one side by applications like MEMS, LED’s, solar, medical applications, photonic IC’s, etc and on the other side by a growing number of new companies and countries that are entering into the high-tech semiconductor market.

The sheer magnitude of technologies,  materials and equipment requirements that are deployed in our world today, benefits enormously from the ability to cooperate within a global network of research institutes, device makers, equipment providers and expert engineering resources. We believe that a cooperative model in a fast Technology Network offers a unique array of competencies and skills that support the deployment of projects and products to the market.

Our Vision

The semiconductor industry has been one of the main pillars of the incredible advances in our society in the areas of quality of life: information and communication, efficiency of our work time, health and longevity. And we are only at the beginning. Soon we will be in a world – where not only persons will be connected but “things” as well. Information, communication, medical care, healthy living, AI will all support each other for a near future of unparalleled possibilities. We want to be at the center and create exciting new businesses and ventures to contribute to these developments. Be it in new technologies or work with new partners in realizing their dreams.


Eduard Hoeberichts

  • Eduard Hoeberichts
    Eduard Hoeberichts Founder
    • Founder and CEO of FabMax B.V. (2012 – today)
    • Sr. Business Advisor Mapper Lithography (2013 – today)
    • Chairman of SEMI Secondary Equipment & Applications (SEA) Special Interest Group (2009- today)
    • Founder and CEO of Simax (2008-2012)
    • From 1996-2007: worked for ASML as Senior Vice President for ASML Special Applications Division. This Division of ASML became the market leader for lithography in extending service and support and the re-use of equipment, as well as enabling the technology for a broad range of applications.
    • Business Controller at Royal Nedlloyd Group (84-89) and Managing Director Michael Page Germany (89-95)
    • HEAO-education in the Netherlands and holds an MA in Finance/Economics and MBA from Webster University Leiden.
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