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Our added value for projects consists of a combination of extensive business experience, knowledge of hi-tech markets on a global scale and the ability to combine that with real innovative solutions.




Over 20 years in lithography as BU Manager and SVP of ASML, founder of Simax Lithography and business partner of Mapper Lithography. Experience in 200/300mm mainstream litho, MEMS, III-V, Photonic and DNA chips. Lithography for FPD’s, advanced packaging, LED’s.

And since several years mask-less multi e-beam lithography.


IC Hardware Based Security & Truly Unique Chips

Mask-less ebeam lithography enables the securitization of IC’s as a result of the ability to give every chip a unique code and encryption. Applications are in low cost and high volume IOT applications as well as in highest security of advanced logic chips. This enables a new level of security and enables the creation of digital identities in e.g. asset management in Industry 4.0 manufacturing and product life cycle management processes.


Fab Projects: Vietnam IC Fab HCMC

In close cooperation with CNS and NXP we are working to realize the first IC fab in Vietnam. This is based on the Business Cooperation Agreement with NXP and CNS to sell NXP products in Vietnam and support for the realization of the first IC fab. The project receives substantial support from the governments of Vietnam and the Netherlands and has started the Feasibility Study phase.


Fab Projects: Workforce Development

We have started the Training Program for engineers of HCMC – SHTP R&D Labs to develop the skills for MEMS product design, manufacturing and product integration for water management applications. This program is given in cooperation with TU Delft – Else Kooi Labs and supported by the government of the Netherlands.

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