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Our added value for projects consists of a combination of extensive business experience, knowledge of hi-tech markets on a global scale and the ability to combine that with real innovative solutions.



Fab Projects: Workforce Development (2015 – 2018)

Training Program for engineers of HCMC – SHTP R&D Labs to develop the skills for MEMS product design, manufacturing and product integration for water management applications. This program is given in cooperation with TU Delft – Else Kooi Labs and supported by a generous grant from the government of the Netherlands.

In total 40 people – 50% female –  were given training in chip manufacturing technologies and equipment. Lithography being a pillar.

The students received a formal Certificate issued by TU Delft/Else Kooi Labs.


Fab investment Feasibility Study. 2012-2015 Nr. 1

In close cooperation with CNS and NXP a full plan was made to realize the first IC fab in Vietnam. The fab objective being a 200mm (wafer size) and 180nm technology node for an initial 5000 Wafers Per Month capacity and scalable to 130nm as well as higher capacities. Initial investment budget of US$ 300M.

This is based on the Business Cooperation Agreement with NXP and CNS to sell NXP products in Vietnam and support for the realization of the first IC fab. The project received substantial support from the governments of Vietnam and the Netherlands and has started the Feasibility Study phase.

The project was part of the Vietnam Government Strategic Technology Agenda. Local expert was Dr. Pham Ba Tuan (former EMM Switzerland and Chartered Semiconductor Singapore).


Fab Investment Feasibility Study 2018-19 Nr. 2.

Plan for the realization of an RFID manufacturing line and application support center with Becamex in Binh Duong (sister city of Eindhoven located next to Ho Chi Minh City). Partnership with EIPO (Eindhoven Industrial Projects Office).

Based on the combination of increased market demand for RFID and local manufacturing centers a plan was made for a lower level of financial exposure in chip integration and packaging of these extremely small ICs. RFID is a relevant technology for many applications – from food source traceability to counterfeit protection. Highly relevant for the garment and clothing industry as well.

Partners were NXP for product portfolio and Nexperia (ITEC) for highly advanced chip packaging equipment.

Coronavirus outbreak stopped this project from being executed.


Chip Integration Technology Center 2017/2018

On request of and jointly with Novio Tech Campus (NTC) and Business Cluster Semiconductors (BCN – now High Tech NL) a feasibility study was done for the potential realization of a significant new stake in the Nijmegen area in the semiconductor industry. In a round of interviews with important stakeholders – in and around Nijmegen and the Netherlands the initiative was defined and a first plan written to create a significant advanced chip integration (on wafer) and packaging research center. The CITC – Chip Integration Technology Center.

The CITC combines and builds on relevant status of Nijmegen and eastern Netherlands as a world class competence area for RF technology as well as (and necessarily in combination with) a highly advanced IC packaging process and packaging equipment equipment ecosystem. In the coming era of increasing functionality and cost of innovation through Heterogeneous Integration (HI) it is expected that research (lower TRL levels several years out to market) will provide the Netherlands and Europe a relevant new innovation instrument – in our arsenal. Automotive and photonic integration applications – as examples but not limited to) providing key strategic interests.

CITC was realized through significant funding for a 7 year investment budget for 150 people organization – by equal funding from public and private partners.  Operations started successfully.  The forma launch with key partners (and FabMax) in June 2019.

“FabMax played an absolute key role in the realization of our CITC” – “Barry Peet” first Director of CITC.


Advanced e-beam lithography – Mapper MEBDW technology – 2013-2018

Activities ongoing.

Mapper technology – Netherland’s most advanced investment with over €300M invested since it’s inception in – is a highly promising technology for low volume advanced IC manufacturing and integration of new functions. As a Senior Strategic Advisor FabMax worked closely with Mapper management to identify promising application markets and define the first product as well as find first customers. FabMax was successful in that but deliveries of fist systems were hampered by financial restrictions and let ltimately to the acquisition of Mapper’s IP and highly skilled organisaton by ASML.

Mapper technology has been successfully integrated at ASML for the application of multi-e beam inspection, where it adds highly relevant competence.

Direct write lithography in general and multi-e-beam direct write lithography – whilst long in research mode, is coming to the market and is a very promising technology especially for low volume fabs and research centers.

FabMax combines a high level of competence and extensive network to continue to work on the realization of successful integration of MEBDW – as well as single e-beam in combination with optical lithography as a new solution. The core of many innovations – for heterogeneous integration, (cyber) security and photonic applications (on all types of substrates and wafer sizes). Lower volumes fabs and research centers in sovereign ecosystems are highly relevant applications.

SandGrain B.V.

Sandgrain Authentication Platform – completely made in sovereign production facilities – for a complete trusted data ecosystem.

Trusted authentication of electronics e.g. in capital equipment and other products is a new instrument that provides uniqueness on part level – enabling new levels of Life Cycle Asset Management, absolute counterfeit protection and advanced levels of cybersecurity for brands, customers and their supply chains. Perfect and simple product cycle traceability – a new way to realize the objectives of the Circular Economy.

SandGrain as partner in the Aeneas/Penta SunRISE project won the Penta Innovation Award 2022 for Shared IOT Security.


Fab Projects: Vietnam IC Fab HCMC

In close cooperation with CNS and NXP we are working to realize the first IC fab in Vietnam. This is based on the Business Cooperation Agreement with NXP and CNS to sell NXP products in Vietnam and support for the realization of the first IC fab. The project receives substantial support from the governments of Vietnam and the Netherlands and has started the Feasibility Study phase.

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